3 Tips For Being Careful When Towing A Trailer In The Winter Snow


If you need to transport an item this winter with your trailer, you need to make sure that you are really careful. During snowy winter weather, you need to be extra careful when towing a trailer. Make sure you drive slowly, secure your trailer, and carry an emergency kit with you.

If you don't feel that you have the driving skill level necessary to pull a trailer, keep in mind that towing services are not just for when your car breaks down. You can use a towing service as well to transport items on a trailer.

Drive Slowly

When you are pulling a trailer in the winter weather, it is incredibly important that you drive slowly. When you are towing a trailer behind your vehicle, it is going to take you more time to stop. If it is snowing outside, it is going to take you an even greater distance to stop. It is better to slow down way in advance, and have to creep up to the stoplight, than it is to run the stoplight with a trailer in tow. Be sure to give yourself as much space as possible when slowing down.

This is true for making turns as well. When you make a turn, you want to slow your vehicle down first, and then turn. You don't want to braking through your turn, you already want to be at the right speed before you make your turn. This will give you a greater degree of control as you turn with your trailer.

Secure Your Trailer

Make sure that everything on your trailer is secure. Before you set off on the road, double check your load. If your load is tied down, check all of the ties again before you get on the road.

Be sure to also check the tires on your trailer as well, and make sure that they are at the right pressure level. Have someone help you to ensure that the brake lights and the turn signal lights work on the trailer before you set off.

Carry an Emergency Kit

Finally, you should carry an emergency kit with you at all times, especially when you are towing a trailer. Your winter emergency kits should include chains for your vehicle and your trailer, tools to change a tire, a spare tire for your vehicle and your trailer, a tire patch kit, and a kit to add air to your tires. Your emergency kit should also include either orange triangles or flairs sot that you can make sure that people see you working on your vehicle. Finally, make sure to carry extra blankets, food and water in case you get stranded on the road for a while.

If you need to pull a trailer this winter, be sure to take it slow, secure your trailer and carry an emergency kit with you. If you don't feel safe or that you have the experience to tow a trailer in the winter time, your local towing company, like Naylor  Towing, can help you get your trailer to your destination. 


10 February 2018

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