Phone Numbers You Should Have On Hand If You Need An Emergency Tow


Imagine you find yourself stranded on a deserted road, with your vehicle refusing to budge. In such dire situations, having access to the correct phone numbers can be a lifesaver. Knowing which phone numbers you should have on hand can help you avoid a sticky situation and get your car towed to a different location.

  1. Local Towing Company: The first number you must have on hand is that of a reliable local towing company. Search for one that operates 24/7 and covers your area. Having their contact information stored in your phone can prove invaluable during vehicle breakdowns.
  2. Vehicle Insurance Provider: Your vehicle insurance provider's contact number should always be on hand. Many insurance policies include towing services or reimbursement for towing expenses. Contacting your insurance company after a breakdown can help you understand your coverage and find the nearest towing service.
  3. Trusted Mechanics: Maintaining a list of trusted mechanics or auto repair shops can be valuable in emergencies. You can direct the tow truck driver to deliver your vehicle to your trusted auto shop.
  4. Family and Friends: Never underestimate the power of your personal network. Keep your family and friends' contact numbers saved in your phone. They can offer guidance, support, or even arrange a towing service if you cannot do so yourself.
  5. Local Authorities: In some cases, your vehicle may obstruct traffic or pose safety hazards, requiring the involvement of local authorities. Save the non-emergency number of the local police department or traffic control agency in your area. They can assist with securing the site and coordinating with towing services if necessary.
  6. Rental Car Companies: If your vehicle breaks down during a trip, having the number of nearby rental car companies can help you quickly arrange alternative transportation while your car gets repaired.

Breaking down, whether in the middle of the day or the middle of the night, can put you at risk. You could find yourself stranded when it is scorching hot or freezing out. Having the number for a reliable towing company is helpful, but there are other numbers you will need. Collect phone numbers for each recommendation above, and always keep the list with you.

By having a list of essential phone numbers on hand, you can be proactive if your vehicle breaks down or you find yourself in an accident. If you find yourself in a situation like that, don't panic. A trustworthy tow company can assist you and help ease the stress. 

Contact a local company if you need emergency towing services.


24 July 2023

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