Phone Numbers You Should Have On Hand If You Need An Emergency Tow


Imagine you find yourself stranded on a deserted road, with your vehicle refusing to budge. In such dire situations, having access to the correct phone numbers can be a lifesaver. Knowing which phone numbers you should have on hand can help you avoid a sticky situation and get your car towed to a different location. Local Towing Company: The first number you must have on hand is that of a reliable local towing company.

24 July 2023

When Should You Have Your Vehicle Towed For Automotive Repair?


Even if your vehicle is still able to be operated on the road, there is a good chance it would be better for you to have it towed to the mechanic's shop whenever it is in need of automotive repair. Of course, there are some people that would rather risk driving their vehicle in for repairs than pay for a tow truck. The thing is though, there are many benefits that you would receive by having the vehicle towed in most cases.

27 April 2023

Learn About Impound Towing Services


An impound yard is a large property that's normally gated where cars that have been impounded are kept. There will be an office on-site where someone can go to pay the impound fee and retrieve their vehicle from the impound. There are a lot of different reasons why a car would be towed and impounded. This article will cover some of the many different reasons why cars end up benign towed and impounded: 

27 January 2023