Got A Flat Tire? How A 24 Hour Roadside Service May Be Able To Assist You


No one wants to get a flat tire. Unfortunately, it is something that can unexpectedly happen when you are driving. And when it occurs, it is something that you must immediately pull over for and deal with. Fortunately for you, it is not something that you have to deal with on your own. A 24-hour roadside service can assist you when you have a flat tire in a variety of ways. Here are three different ways a 24 hour roadside service may be able to help you if you have a flat tire. 

Putting on the Spare Tire

When your tire goes flat, the most common way that a roadside service can assist you is by replacing your flat tire with a spare tire. Most people have a spare tire on their vehicle. The roadside service can jack your car up, remove the lug nuts that hold your existing tire in place, pull the tire off, put the spare tire off and then secure it in place, all while ensuring that you are safely away from traffic that may be driving by. 

Patching or Plugging the Tire

Another way that a 24-hour roadside service may be able to assist you when you have a flat tire is by patching or plugging the tire. Not every flat tire can be patched or plugged. Patching or plugging is typically only recommended for small holes that are not along the seams of the tire. But if the hole meets the qualifications for patching or plugging, it may be a better alternative to putting on the spare tire. As long as a patch or plug is properly done, it can last the remainder of the life of the tire, helping you to get back on the road again without needing a new tire. 

Towing Your Car

The last way that a 24-hour roadside service may be able to assist you if you have a flat tire is by offering you a tow. While it is rare, in some cases, you may need a tow if you have a flat tire. If a lug nut will not loosen, a roadside service may be unable to remove your flat tire. Or, if you do not have a viable spare tire, replacing the tire may not be an option. If your tire cannot be patched or replaced, a 24-hour roadside service can tow your car to a tire repair and replacement shop so you can get the service you need to get back on the road. 

If you have a flat tire, it is important that you immediately pull over to the side of the road. Continuing to drive on a flat tire can cause more damage to the tire, as well as the rims of your car. Once you are pulled over safely on the side of the road, contact a 24-hour roadside service to assist you. They can evaluate your tire and determine whether putting on the spare tire, patching or plugging the tire or towing the car is the best option for you. To learn more, visit a website like


15 February 2018

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