Preparing Yourself for Roadside Emergencies


Do you have everything you need in your car to prepare yourself for a roadside emergency? Do you know how to handle yourself when you're stranded along the road waiting for help? Here, you will learn a little about what you need and how to handle yourself in the event of a roadside emergency.

Prepare for Anything

If you don't have a roadside emergency kit in your car, now's the time to get one together. You should always have the supplies to maintain your health for 24 hours because you never know what can happen. Your kit should include:

Bottled water—make sure to check it often – it will need replaced as it will get warm and cold several times.

High-Protein Snacks—granola bars and snacks that can sit in your car for a while and will provide you with the strength and nutrition you may need to survive.

Blankets—the temperatures can fall even during the warmer months of the year – avoid hypothermia by being prepared.

Towing Service Information—You need to have the contact information for at least one towing service. If you're traveling out of town, find a universal contact number that will connect you with the nearest service.

Road Hazard Equipment—Complete jack, reflective triangles, flares, reflective jacket – all things that should be handy. Make sure the jack has all of its pieces and you know how to get to it. Keep a reflective jacket handy in case you become stranded in the dark.

Stay Safe while you Wait

The first thing you need to do is do your best to get the car as far off to the right side of the road as possible. If you have to drive a few feet on a flat tire or move after a minor fender bender, do it. You want to decrease the likelihood of another car smashing into yours while you wait.

As you exit the car, do so on the side that is furthest out of the path of traffic. This may require you to crawl over the passenger seat, but it will decrease the chances of getting hit by moving traffic.

Position the roadside triangles or flares—make sure that other drivers know that there is a disabled car in the road ahead. This is especially important if there is a bend or hill in the road that makes it hard for other drivers to see your car.

Wait behind a guide rail. No matter what the weather conditions—do not sit in your car and wait unless it is fully off of the road in a safe place.

Being prepared for anything at all times—that's the key to survival. Get your car prepared to protect you if it should leave you stranded along the road.

To learn more about roadside emergency preparedness, contact towing services like Aces Roadside Towing.


26 February 2018

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