3 Things You Should Know About Your Tow Truck Driver


When you need to be towed somewhere, you are trusting a tow-truck driver to transport your vehicle to the auto shop or its destination in a safe manner that ensures that your vehicle doesn't sustain any more damage. You can increase your trust in your tow-truck driver by understanding the qualification and experiences that most tow-truck drivers have.

#1 Clean Driving Record

To start with, in order to be a tow-truck driver, one has to have a clean driving record. Tow-truck companies run checks with the DMV, which bring up a driver's history going back a certain number of years depending on the state. This check should bring up any driving violations that the driver has against their record, not only in the state they live in now but from other states as well. It is a huge liability for tow-truck companies to hire drivers who have negative marks on their driving records. 

You can always check and see if the towing company that you are going to use runs regular driving-record checks on their drivers. You want to go with a company that runs regular checks, not just when they hire a driver, to ensure that their drivers maintain a clean driving record after they are hired.

#2 Special Certification

Next, tow-truck drivers are not just anyone who has a clean driving record. Tow-truck drivers have to go through advanced training programs, where they learn about all the different ways to tow vehicles and how to safely tow vehicles with a variety of different tow trucks.

Tow-truck drivers go through both hands-on and tactical training. They learn all of the principles and are tested on these principles. They get hours' worth of practice in their training sessions and have to pass rigorous tests in order to earn their tow-truck driving certification.

Once a tow-truck driver has earned their certification, they have to engage in a certain number of training hours in order to maintain their certification. These training hours cover new technology and techniques related to the towing industry as well as review important safety measures that all tow-truck drivers should know.

#3 Manufacturer Guidelines

When it comes to towing your individual vehicle, in addition to relying on their knowledge and training, tow-truck drivers always consult books that are filled with manufacturer guidelines that are specific for each individual vehicle that a manufacturer makes. These guidelines help ensure safe towing for all vehicles. Tow-truck drivers always check against these guidelines when towing a vehicle to make sure that they are taking all the right safety precautions for that particular vehicle.

When your vehicle breaks down and you call a tow truck driver, it is important to keep in mind that your tow-truck driver is someone with a clean driving record who has undergone extensive training in order to safely tow your vehicle and get it to its destination in a safe manner for everyone involved.

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30 August 2018

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