Transporting Heavy Equipment To Your Project Site


There are many projects that will require the use of heavy equipment to complete. While these pieces of equipment can be indispensable for these projects, arranging for them to be sent to the site can be a challenge that many businesses might not be experienced with handling.

Drain Any Nonessential Fluids

Before your heavy equipment is transported, you will need to take some time to fully prepare it for the journey. At a minimum, this will usually require that any nonessential fluids be drained from the vehicle. In addition to reducing the amount of weight that must be hauled, this can also reduce the risk of accidental environmental contamination due to leaks or accidents. After draining potentially hazardous fluids, you will have to arrange for their proper disposal. Luckily, there are many vehicle fluid recycling centers, and most of these centers will also be able to accept and process fluids from industrial equipment.

Obtain The Correct Permit

Individuals will often rarely think about the weight limit of the roads. However, exceeding this recommended weight can cause the roads to suffer far more wear than necessary. For this reason, it is usually required for oversized loads to obtain special permits. As part of the process of applying for this permit, you may be required to submit your planned path to the destination, and it will be important to avoid deviating from this path unless it is absolutely necessary. In addition to the risk of being fined for violating this path, you may also encounter bridges that may not be rated to support the weight of your heavy equipment.

Avoid Attempting To Haul The Equipment Yourself

While you may have a vehicle that you think could accommodate the heavy equipment, it is almost never advisable for individuals to attempt to move these devices on their own. While the item you are needing to move may be able to physically rest on the truck's bed, it could put tremendous stress on the other components of the vehicle. As a result, you may find that this can cause the vehicle to fail, which may leave you stranded. Furthermore, there will be at risk of injury to your workers form their need to lift and lower this equipment during the loading process. Due to these potentially costly and disruptive problems, heavy equipment transportation services will have the type of specialists that can effectively move your equipment to its destination.


19 July 2019

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