4 Ways You Can Cut Down Heavy Equipment Transportation Service Fees


If your heavy equipment breaks down or needs to be transported to a different location, you can hire a towing truck to move it. Although some people may tend to keep away from hiring towing companies because they think it is beyond their budget, you can use various tactics to enjoy the convenience of heavy equipment transportation services while keeping the costs low. Here is what you can do to ensure your tow service is more affordable.

1. Consult Your Insurance Company

Call your insurance company first when you experience a heavy equipment breakdown. As you report the towing service needs, determine what your current insurance package includes. Some insurance policies also cover equipment towing services. Even if the cover does not include towing services, the insurance company might recommend a reliable towing company offering transportation services at a reasonable fee.

2. Contact Your Credit Card Company

If you have a credit card, it is important to know the benefits it can get you. Many credit card companies offer several benefits and bonuses. For instance, you may find that paying your towing company using a credit card is less expensive than paying cash. Also, your card issuer may have partnered with roadside assistance services to reduce towing costs for their clients.

3. Call the Heavy Equipment Owners' Association

Are you a member of a reputable heavy equipment owners' association? One of the best ways of cutting heavy equipment transportation fees is to pay through the association. Some associations partner with towing companies to reduce the costs. In some cases, you might find that the annual fee you pay to join an association caters to the heavy equipment transportation or towing fees for a year. Paying an annual subscription in advance means you will enjoy the services anytime, even when you do not have cash at hand.

4. Compare Towing Service Providers

If you own heavy equipment, you do not have to wait until you need transportation services. The best thing is to start looking for and vetting towing companies before needing them. That will allow you to compare prices from different service providers and settle on the most affordable quality services.

Once you identify a reliable towing company, you can negotiate your fee with them when you are not in a hurry. However, waiting until the day you need towing or transportation does not leave much room for negotiation.

Heavy equipment breakdowns are a common occurrence, and it is vital to prepare for them. Proper preparation helps you avoid doing everything in a rush and paying higher prices because you have no time to negotiate. You can always choose and vet available heavy equipment transportation service providers to get the best and avoid inconveniences.


12 May 2022

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